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The first FAPAC Career Development Mentorship Program Kickoff
At Department of Education, June 8, 2012

In support of Executive Order 13583 on establishing a coordinated government-wide initiative to promote diversity and inclusion in the federal workforce, the Federal Asian Pacific American Council (FAPAC) is proud to introduce its first career development program titled, "The Career Development Program for High Performers" (CDP). 

The CDP is open to all federal employees with permanent career status at all levels. Up to 40 applicants (mentors and mentees) will be selected for the program. Its curriculum includes a kickoff for orientation, mutually scheduled one-on-one mentoring sessions, group training workshops, a mid-point progress review, a close-out recognition ceremony and leadership courses offered in the community.

To be eligible for being a mentor, you must be GS-13 or above and have 8 years of federal services. A mentor will guide high performers seeking to improve themselves. A good mentor must possess good knowledge of the Federal Personnel System, the structure of federal career programs, skills in performance evaluation and counseling, and abilities to provide resources to the mentee. A good mentor should be a role model, counselor, and advisor to the mentee.

Mentoring Objectives:

  • serve as an additional resource for self-improvement and professional development;
  • offer excellent opportunities to strengthen personal goals and career planning;
  • provide a forum to discuss mentees’ concerns in regard to becoming a high performer in federal government; and most important,
  • enrich individual readiness for hiring and career advancement opportunities via resume and interview practices.

Requirements for Successful Completion:

One-on-one mentoring: 24 hours 40%
Group Activities: 6 hours 20%
Mentee Assessment: 1 hour 20%
Mentor Assessment: 1 hour 20%

Should you have questions, please contact Selina Lee (ED) via email at

Mentoring Activities Schedule

Time commitment is critical to the success of a formal mentoring program. Both mentors and mentees are required to attend all mutually agreed upon one-on-one session totaling up to 24 hours.  Mentors are required to attend the mandatory mentor training.  

In addition, mentees are required to attend eight (8) hour group activities to graduate from the program.  In total, mentee participants will need to set aside 32 hours for this program during this 12-month period.  In lieu of these group activities, waiver may be requested for mentees to take workshops at their agencies as a substitute to this requirement due to geographical distance.  Some of these group activities will be scheduled during the weekdays but on occasion, during the weekend to accommodate maximum attendance.  Participants will sign a mentoring agreement to acknowledge their roles and responsibilities to improve work performance using the CD program. In support of the goals and objectives of FAPAC, they will be agreeing to make a contribution to FAPAC’s program and membership activities.




June 8, 2012 -Complete

Kickoff for Orientation: Successful Career Planning and Mentoring Tips 

Department of Education,
Washington DC

August 24, 2012 -

Workshop I – Writing a Winning Resume

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Washington DC

October 25, 2012
2 hours

Mid-Point Feedback Exchange

Conference Call

November 15, 2012
2 hours

Workshop II -  Powerful Networking

Department of Education,
Washington DC

March 5, 2013
3 hours

Workshop III – Interview Practice

Department of Education,
Washington DC

May 28, 2013
2 hours

Closeout for Recognition

Department of Education,
Washington DC

Conference call will be made available for those who cannot attend onsite.
Some videos are available for FAPAC members. Login Required: Videos

Sponsored by the Department of Education
The Mentor of the Year Award:
Colonel Olen Kelley, United States Army

Outstanding Service Awards for Mentors:
Flip Capistrano, Department of Homeland Security
Susan Edgington, National Aeronautics and Space Administration
Peter Mark, Naval Surface Warfare Center
Tat Shum, Department of Justice

Certificates of Successful Completion:
Phillip Chan, United States Army
Susan Chung, Department of Veteran Affairs
Mary Lee, Naval Surface Warfare Center
Sheree Marambio, National Aeronautics and Space Administration
Mary Jo Maralit, Department of Education
Thomas Tran, U.S. Department of Agriculture

Certificates of Program Participation:
Jenny Carlos, National Aeronautics and Space Administration
Lula Cole, U.S. Department of Agriculture
Daphne Dador, National Aeronautics and Space Administration
Erich Leeser, U.S. Patent Trademark Office
Art Meinke, Department of Homeland Security
Kingston Moy, Department of Homeland Security
Mamta Nagaraja, National Aeronautics and Space Administration
Ronald Nerida, Office of The United States Trade Representatives, Executive of The President
Peter Nguyen, Federal Aviation Administration
Kimberly Pay, Department of Homeland Security
Alyssa Prieto, Department of Homeland Security
Toulu Thao, Department of Housing and Urban Development
Norval “John” Settle, Esq. SETTLEment Associates, LLC

Remarks from Participants:

“I highly recommend that this program keeps going because I have learned very valuable experience from my mentor, the Writing resume, tips for interviewing and the powerful networking workshops. I can use these valuable experiences to enrich my career development. Although I live and work far away from the Washington D.C. area, I still feel it is very beneficial. Thank you so much for allowing me to participate in the program and make this program available.”

“Throughout this program, (Mentor) made himself available at any time to speak to me. As of you may or may not experience it, it is my firm belief that discrimination still is well alive in the Federal workplace. It is just not easily detected. Having someone like (Mentor) on my side sharing his perspectives, observations and wisdoms, was very, very helpful to me. I want to thank FAPAC for connecting me to (Mentor). He is a great man.

“My mentee had a couple of very specific issues to discuss and deal with, which we did over the course of our several meetings. We reached a point where the mentee essentially was very satisfied with where she was, and we stopped active engagement. We left it that she could and would call me when she wanted to do so. A great program, but every mentee probably has different interests and needs.”

“My mentee seemed to develop by the information and sessions we held. She began to understand the reformulation by participating in these mentoring sessions. She was an enjoyable mentee. Final feedback is to attempt to include people in the program outside the DC area…. Overall the opportunity to mentor with the mentee was a terrific experience and will continue the relationship as she develops in her career.”

“I found the program very beneficial. It helped ground me so that I could clearly focus on what I needed to do to advance my career, and be better prepared for the next promotion opportunity. I have gone through updating and submitting my resume, including the interview process. So the workshops were very relevant, with some informative tips. I have since then, involved myself in my command’s Mentoring program. Thanks to all for executing this pilot program.”

“It was hard to schedule time with the mentor, maybe also take into account geographic locations and talk about how phone calls or monthly email check-ins can also be effective. I included this time in my one-on-one time with my mentor. There were several times when I emailed my mentor, asking a question, or providing a scenario, where he was able to respond and share his thoughts. I closed the loop and wrote back to him about what happened and how I was able to respond. These interactions provided great insights which allowed me to think and reflect, as well as bounce ideas off of my mentor; this helped to establish a better relationship and also provided space to bounce ideas around.”

“The FAPAC CDHP is an excellent program. I highly recommend we have it again next year!”

“This is an excellent program. As a mentor, I had to discipline myself and carve out the time to meet with my mentee. We structured a program and met one on one monthly to address our objectives. I gained tremendous value in this program, and highly encourage participation. The structure makes it work. As a side benefit for me, I enhanced my interpersonal skills.”

“…Overall, the opportunity to mentor with (Mentee) was a terrific experience and will continue the relationship as she develops in her career.”

“I thought my mentee and I met and communicated well throughout the program and became friends while helping his career development…”

“Strengths of the program: Great kick off, reasonable designed hours, good mid-point feedback teleconference; great materials were given, and no cost to the government!!!” My mentee is a very charismatic person with great work ethic. I have established a new professional network and made a new friend due to this program. It has been a wonderful experience overall. Thank you to all the program volunteers.”

“I really was able to connect to my mentor and learn from her vast experience. She is also a very caring persona and a good listener. I feel good that I have an additional mentor in my agency that is outside of my office…thank you for all the time, thought, and hard work you have put into this program!”

“The overall assessment of the program was good.”

“My mentor did an excellent job for me, I hope to have him next time.”

“I look forward to attending this type of career development program in the near future. Thank you.”

“This was a great program and I got to meet an incredible mentor. I wish I was able to attend more events, however, it is hard to take time off from a demanding job; additionally, my work is in a location that is not the easiest for commute. Overall, I learned a great deal from my mentor and would like to stay in touch to maintain the relationship.”

“My mentor provided me with very helpful materials to prepare me for interviews.”

“A great program, but every mentee probably has different interests and needs.”

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