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2020 Career Development Mentoring Program (CDP)


General Information

The Federal Asian Pacific American Council (FAPAC) is proud to host the 7th Career Development Mentoring Program (CDP) in support of Executive Order 13583 on establishing a coordinated government-wide initiative to promote diversity and inclusion in the federal workforce.

The CDP is six-month mentoring opportunity open to all federal, military and the District of Columbia employees with permanent career status at all levels.  CDP mentors and mentees must be able to participate in all program components including: orientation, mutually scheduled one-on-one mentoring sessions, professional development workshops, a mid-term progress review, leadership projects, and graduation.

Mentoring objectives:

  • Foster caring and supportive professional relationships.
  • Encourage individuals to develop to their full potential.
  • Provide resources to strengthen personal goals and career planning.
  • Prepare participants for career advancement opportunities.


  • Current federal, military, and District of Columbia employees with permanent career status of all levels.
  • Mentee candidates must be GS-13 or lower.
  • Mentor candidates must be GS-14 or higher with 3+ years of supervisory experience and 8+ years in federal service.

To be eligible as a mentor:
Mentors must be GS-14 or higher with 3+ years of supervisory experience and 8+ years in federal service. A good mentor aims to guide high-performing employees toward professional/personal advancement in their federal career, have good knowledge of the federal hiring process, have experience in performance evaluation and counseling, and be able to provide career resources to the mentee. A good mentor should be a role model, counselor, and adviser to the mentee.

To be eligible as a mentee:
Mentees must be a GS-13 or lower and have permanent career status with the federal or DC governments. Mentees should have a desire for professional/personal advancement, perform at a high level, and be teachable.

Questions? Contact the Program Chair at

Program Schedule

Participants are responsible for fulfilling all components of the Career Development Program for successful completion of the program. Both mentors and mentees should reserve a minimum of 12 hours of individual mentoring. Mentees should commit at least 40 total hours to the program during the six-month program from March-September 2020.

I. One-on-one mentoring (12 hours)
Mentors and mentees are responsible for coordinating meetings at least once a month during the six month program. Meetings may be held in-person, over the phone, by video conference, or other communication methods as agreed by the mentor and mentee.

II. Workshop activities (12 hours)
Workshop activities are intended to equip mentees with the necessary personal and professional tools to achieve success in their respective goals. Examples may include:

    • CDP Orientation
    • FAPAC-sponsored seminars (i.e. National Leadership Training Program in May)
    • Agency-sponsored workshops related to personal or professional development

III. Leadership projects (16 hours)

Mentees will participate in leadership activities they can complete within the official CDP program period (March to September). The project must produce clear outcomes/deliverables, be outside of normal job responsibilities, engage communication or analytical skills, or involve senior officers. Examples may include:

    • Participate in job shadowing or training opportunities
    • Develop and submit project proposals
    • Coordinate or present at high-level meeting/event

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do you have to be of AAPI heritage to apply? No. FAPAC's programs are open to all government employees and does not discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation, ethnicity, age, or other factors. See "Who May Apply" section above for program eligibility.
  2. Are there any fees for the CDP? No. There is no fee to participate in the Career Development Mentoring Program (CDP). If Mentees attend the National Leadership Training Program (NLTP), the $895 registration fee will be waived. Mentees must confirm their attendance with the Program Chair and register with the private code. FAPAC does not provide funds for travel/lodging for program participants.
  3. Who is responsible for travel/lodging costs? CDP Mentees and Mentors should request travel/lodging support from their agency in order to participate in the Career Development Program and all associated activities.
  4. Am I allowed to participate remotely? CDP participants must attend the orientation, NLTP if FAPAC-sponsored seminars are chosen, and graduation in person to fulfill the objectives of the program.  Special exceptions may be granted on a case-by-case basis. Mentoring meeting may be held remotely as agreed upon by the Mentor and Mentee.

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