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Civilian Awards

Congratulations to thE
2024 Civilian Award Winners!

To recognize individuals who have made significant contributions to the advancement of Asian Americans and Pacific Islander (AAPI) communities and promote diversity and inclusion among the Federal and District of Columbia government work forces.

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Award Categories

One winner will be selected per category, per grade cluster (GS 1-12, GS 13-15, and Senior Executive Service) for a total of nine (9) awards.
  1. Outstanding Individual Leadership: Individual has shown bold leadership and innovative ways to promote Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO), Affirmative Action, and Diversity.
  2. Excellence in Individual Achievement: Individual has made significant contributions toward AAPI representation at all levels .
  3. Diversity Excellence: Individual has shown a remarkable contribution towards diversity and inclusion through collaboration and against all odds.


Due to their unique mission, the DLA Troop Support Flag Room is a highly visible and irreplaceable facet of not only DLA history, but the Nation's history. The resiliency and diversity of the Flag Room has been a symbol of pride within DLA Troop Support and continually contributes to the development of our greater workforce through direct engagement within DLA, the industrial base, and the private sector. Specifically, in promotion of AANHPI communities and their invaluable contributions to the American Story.

Mr. Adam P. Walstrum works closely with the DLA PACE program where new and transitional DLA employees are provided a presentation by the Flag Room in support of the ENGAGE program which inspires our new workforce by demonstrating the core values of DLA and the potential of individuals through the flag-making mission. This mission is annually noted at the Troop Support Academy. He engages with the industry base through an annual Clothing & Textiles conference, JAPBI, to showcase the traditional heritage embroidery that is almost nonexistent in the western commercial industries.

Annually on Flag Day, June 14th, Mr. Walstrum and the team participates in the Philadelphia naturalization ceremonies and provides public demonstrations of their craft at the Betsy Ross House museum in Philadelphia, sharing their story with new citizens of the US. Within the team, recruiting, promoting, and maintaining equity have been cultivated by holding fundamental values of equity an opportunity above all else. Though hiring actions are available to all agencies, it is most common that the skills require are discovered within the private sector and may come for many new and undiscovered sectors.

In order to succeed Mr. Walstrum recognizes that all 13 members of the team come from very different walks of life but share a purpose and vision. Adam ensures that cultural diversity and a broad range of acquired skills by his employees are highlighted during tours and media events. Many of his employees have diverse cultural backgrounds and come from countries such as Vietnam and the Philippines and have studied embroidery in many Asian/Pacific countries to include Vietnam, Philippines, as well as cities such as Hong Kong. These embroidery styles are drastically different than those of styles taught in other countries such as the US and England.

Mr. Walstrum has ensured that this embroidery style that was taught in the Asian/Pacific countries continues to be taught to all hand embroiderers and is used in the production of all Presidential and Vice-Presidential flags. As such, he highlights this embroidery style during tours and various other media engagements.

Mr. Dean Nakasone Mr. Nakasone serves as a Supervising Engineer leading a team that manages various programs that build, maintain, repair, acquire, and retire facilities for the DLA activities throughout the U.S. Indo-Pacific. He advocates and ensures the professional development and administrative management for his team. Mr. Nakasone has been with the DLA for 13 years and has a career spanning over three decades with the Federal Government.

Prior to joining DLA, he served in the following positions with primary responsibilities as Mechanical Engineer at Hickam Air Force Base, Energy Manager at Pacific Air Forces, General Engineer at Johnston Atoll Program Office, Mechanical Engineer and Environmental Engineer at U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Honolulu Engineer District, and a Nuclear Engineer at Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard.

Mr. Nakasone has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Hawaii. He is a registered Professional Engineer (PE) in the mechanical specialty with the State of Hawaii and is a Leadership in Environmental and Energy Design Accredited Professional (LEED AP) with the Green Building Certification Institute.

Justina Fugh is the Director of the Ethics Office for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Since 2006, she has also served as the Alternate Designated Agency Ethics Official, a position that is classified as a Senior Leader (SL, the equivalent of the Senior Executive Service (SES). Justina is the first Asian American woman at EPA to hold the SL designation, and the first woman and person of color to hold this position since its inception. Upon graduation from George Washington University Law School in Washington, DC, Justina joined EPA and has been a stalwart and dedicated employee and manager for more than thirty-six years. She is also a graduate of Vassar College with a degree in art history.

Justina began her distinguished career at EPA as a staff attorney enforcing the Clean Air Act. Since then, she has worked an attorney in various offices throughout the Agency, including the Office of the Administrator, the Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance and the Office of General Counsel. She has been an EPA supervisor for over twenty-five years. In 2021, EPA presented her with a national honor award for First Line Supervisor Excellence.

As the EPA’s Alternate Designated Agency Ethics Official, Justina is the most senior career employee who works solely on ethics issues. Her areas of expertise include all aspects of the federal ethics laws and regulations, the Hatch Act and professional responsibility for lawyers. She consistently provides expert, accurate and timely advice to employees at all levels, notably EPA’s most senior career and political leaders.

Navigating EPA’s decentralized ethics program, Justina and her staff rely on more than 120 deputy ethics officials throughout the agency to implement the confidential financial disclosure system for 9000 filers. Her team directly manages the public financial disclosure system for 600 filers and is responsible for providing annual ethics training to all filers. Under her leadership, Justina ensures that EPA’s financial disclosure reporting metrics are among the best among federal agencies. Justina also provides the necessary guidance and direction so that the Agency’s ethics program is carried out effectively for all of EPA’s 15,000 employees across its ten headquarters offices, regions and four research centers. Notably, she ensures that the EPA Ethics Office delivers ethics training that is enjoyed – not merely endured – by more than 10,000 filers each year.

Among her colleagues at EPA and her peers at other federal agencies, Justina is recognized as a no-nonsense, results-oriented expert and tour-de-force. She is a leader in the federal ethics community and is held in high esteem by her EPA colleagues, not an easy feat given her position. It is a testament to her skill as an attorney, colleague, and individual that she has developed and maintains enduring relationships with all levels of EPA employees. Her sense of humor may be factor: her official EPA bio mentions that she and her husband, also a Vassar graduate, have two sons, which means that she “avoids housework and gardening, instead spending much of her creative energy trying to outsmart the men in her life.”


Viliamu Suafo’a Kuaea is a program analyst and improvement specialist, a Certified NAVSEA Lean Six Sigma Black belt and the Chair for the Asian American Pacific Islander Employee Resource Group (AAPI-ERG) at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard. Viliamu conducts a wide range of technical work, received demand signals to perform on various technical projects and Lean events on critical path work as well as supporting our safety, quality, delivery, cost, and morale. As the Chair for the AAPI-ERG, Viliamu has built numerous bridges with multi departments and individuals that have created a culture of supporting each other, including all ERG's in the command by lending resources and learning about their journeys. Viliamu looks forward to creating enterprise alignment and helping stand up AAPI Teams across NAVSEA shipyards to create an AAPI ERG Summit where discussions on common barriers and opportunities can help the AAPI communities.  

Ms. Adelle Kostur was born in the Philippines and lived there for most of her childhood before immigrating to the United States in 1979. She quickly learned English as her fifth language, but still speaks fluent Tagalog, Chinese, and Korean. She also holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Management from Wayland Baptist University and a Master of Science degree in Business Administration from the University of Pheonix.

Mrs. Kostur has served at Army Contracting Command, Fort Huachuca as a Purchasing Agent from 2004-2012, a Contracting Specialist from 2012-2023, and is currently assigned as a Contracting Officer/Team Lead. As part of the Army Contracting Command Team. She has held a series of progressively responsible positions from the grades of GS-7 through GS-13 working on various information technology contracts valued up to one-billion dollars. Adelle is a parent, a grandparent, and a former active- duty US Army spouse for 28 years. Additionally, Adelle has also served in many other ways before joining the Army team. Of note, she served several communities as a nurse for many years and as the Army Community Services Army Family Team Building, Army Family Action Plan Coordinator for Eighth US Army, South Korea Peninsula from 1999- 2003.

Mrs. Kostur is the recipient of the Civilian Achievement Medal, the Center Director’s Coin of Excellence, Chief of Staff of the Army ‘s Coin of Excellence, United States Forces Korea Commander’s Coin of Excellence, Eighth US Army Commander’s and Command Sergeants Major’s Coins of Excellence, numerous Certificates of Achievement and Appreciation and performance awards. She has been married to her husband Matt for nearly 30 years and they have raised two lovely daughters, Gloria, and Gabby. Adelle also has a Granddaughter Rose who is 5 years old and constantly keeps her on her toes.

Ms. Amillita "Ami" Marayag currently the Section Chief of the FBI’s Criminal Investigative Division (CID), National Covert Operations Section (NCOS). After serving as a US Marine Corps Officer, Section Chief Amillita Marayag entered the FBI in June 2006 as a Special Agent assigned to FBI Honolulu’s criminal program where she investigated drug trafficking organizations, organized crime, kidnappings, crimes against children, fraud against the government, bank robberies, and assault against federal officers. She then reported to FBI New York where she investigated violent gangs and was promoted to Supervisory Special Agent for the Asian and African Transnational Organized Crime squad. Section Chief Marayag has served at FBI headquarters in Washington DC to the Criminal Investigative Division Executive Staff and was promoted as an ASAC to the Chicago Division’s Intelligence and Violent Crime/Resident Agencies Branches in 2021. While in Chicago, Section Chief Marayag connected with the AAPINH community in various ways, to include conducting trainings and meetings to AAPINH community members regarding Hate Crimes, providing mentorship regarding FBI career opportunities, as well as participating in AAPI events.


Ms. Michelle Nakagawa was born in China and adopted at four months old. While she identifies primarily with the Japanese culture of her adoptive father, her upbringing motivated her to honor and stay connected to both her Chinese and Japanese heritages.

Cultural education has long been a priority of her life, leading her to develop her personal awareness and knowledge. As a youth, she began participating in a traditional Chinese dance troupe of the Ventura County Chinese American Association, as well as an annual Japanese dance group at the Oxnard Buddhist Temple. Meanwhile, she attended schools in the Ventura Unified School District in Ventura County, California, where only 8.5% of the population identify as Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander (AANHPI). In 2022, she joined a hālau (formal hula school) in Ventura County to continue furthering her education and appreciation of AANHPI culture.

In 2015, Michelle attended San Francisco State University to study business administration, then transferred to California State University, Fresno, where she graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, with a concentration in finance in 2019. She began her Federal career in 2019 as a Financial Management Analyst in Naval Surface Warfare Center, Port Hueneme Division’s (NSWC PHD) Comptroller Department. In 2021, she transferred to the Naval Acquisition Development Program as a Contract Specialist intern, where she supported NSWC PHD’s Littoral and Strike Warfare Department.

Now a Contract Specialist for Naval Sea Systems Command at NSWC PHD, she manages a $30 million contracts portfolio and provides strategic acquisition guidance to stakeholders in NSWC PHD's Installation and Modernization Department, as well as the NATOSEASPARROW Consortium at Program Executive Office Integrated Warfare System 12.0. In addition to her occupational responsibilities, Ms. Nakagawa was appointed by NSWC PHD as the Command Lead of its Asian American Pacific Islander Special Emphasis Program. In this capacity, she created opportunities for employees to work collaboratively to identify and mitigate barriers to the hiring, development, and advancement of AANHPI employees.

Ms. Nakagawa has been noticed and recognized for her efforts to further the Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility (DEIA) goals of NSWC PHD, though she is early in her promising career. At the 2023 NSWC PHD Annual Awards Ceremony, she was awarded the Dr. Robert Bland Collaboration/Community Outreach Excellence Award. Additionally, NSWC PHD Technical Director Mr. Jeffrey Koe wrote a formal Letter of Appreciation to highlight her positive impact within the Command and to the local communities, as well as awarding her a Special Act Award for her outstanding leadership on the Command’s DEIA journey.

Mrs. Chung Kim Hoang is an Electronics Engineer assigned to the 38th Engineering Squadron at Tinker Air Force Base, Oklahoma. She attended the University of Missouri Rolla graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering in 1982. Upon graduation, she began her career working at Tinker Air Force Base. Her first GS-7 assignment took her to the Commodities Maintenance Group where she was a part of a team responsible for improving process engineering. Her quest for higher education and career progression took her back to school where she later obtained a Master of Management in Management Information Systems in 2005 and became a Materials Engineer Supervisor. She led with passion, guiding many women and men in her role as a supervisor throughout various divisions over the next decade. Upon arriving at the 38th Engineering Squadron in 2018 as an Electronics Engineer, she was quickly immersed into the cyberspace enterprise engineering solutions. As a member of the team, she has been a part of key Air Force initiatives such as NETLAW, Mission Defense Teams, and Zero Trust.

Over the course of her career, Kim has completed continuing education and obtained key certifications in various areas. Some of her notable training include Air War College Seminar, Graduate Supervisor Development Program at Oklahoma State University, Certified Information Systems Security Professional Certification, Green Belt Certification, and Acquisition Level III Certification. Kim’s passion revolves around being a mentor and playing leading roles in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion while leading highly effective workgroups for unit enhancement from Defense Organizational Climate Surveys.

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