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The Student Program is Free to all Students!

2022 NLTP Student Program
Wednesday, May 11, 2022  |  12pm -2
 pm EST

Registration is CLOSED.

About the Event

While the event this year will be hosted virtually, we are pleased to be able to still offer the Student Program completely free* to our participants! We have intentionally designed the programming to be engaging and foster dialogue on important issues related to personal and career development.

This year, we will introduce a few of the myriad of agencies and internship opportunities that exist in the U.S. federal government. The hundreds of Federal agencies and commissions that make up the United States government are responsible for so much – from protecting the health of Americans, preserving the forests, ensuring the safety of the country’s borders, to advancing the general welfare of the American people. To see a full listing of Federal Agencies, Departments and Commissions, visit

Our talented and authentic speakers and panelists are thrilled to join us! They will talk about their own career journeys, offer their expertise and insight into various topics, and will reflect on the highs and lows of their choices which have led them to where they are. The speakers have lived the challenges that students and young professionals face as they make decisions about their futures and will authentically share their stories with you.

The program includes a plenary opening session, concurrent panels introducing internship pathways throughout the Federal Government and a workshop on the steps needed to prepare for an internship in the federal government.


Ideal Conference Participants:

  • Community college students
  • College students
  • Recent graduates

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