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  • January 19, 2022 15:00 | Thong Vu (Administrator)

    The U.S. Department of Energy announced their most ambitious hiring campaign yet – the Clean Energy Corps.

    Addressing the climate crisis will require a large, ambitious, and talented team of America’s best and brightest. The Clean Energy Corps is dedicated to fighting climate change through public service and supporting American competitiveness on a global scale. The U.S. Department of Energy is hiring a team of hundreds of industry veterans, experienced technical experts, and the next generation of climate leaders. We’re looking for individuals who are ready to act at this critical moment, and shape generations to come through delivering clean energy solutions for America with the U.S. Department of Energy. Jobs are available across the country, and across experience levels.

    The Department is now collecting resumes for the Clean Energy Corps through the newly launched DOE Applicant Portal, part of a streamlined application process that will allow applicants to align their talents with their passions by indicating specific areas of interest and allowing hiring managers to review candidate profiles simultaneously.  DOE is seeking candidates with interest in leading the clean energy transition through the following industries: 

    • Program and Portfolio Management
    • Project Management 
    • Engineering
    • Physical Science
    • Grants/Contract Management
    • Legal
    • Information Technology/Cybersecurity
    • Safety and Occupational Health
    • Business Administration
    • Finance/Accounting
    • Human Resources
    • Public Policy
    • Communications
    • Legislative Affairs  

    Also, as part of the launch of the hiring portal and Clean Energy Corps, on Monday, January 24, at 1 p.m. ET, Secretary Granholm will join DOE Chief of Staff Tarak Shah and Chief Human Capital Officer Erin Moore for a livestreamed conversation to discuss how the Department’s hiring strategy will be essential to delivering a more equitable clean energy future for all Americans. Interested job seekers are encouraged to attend. Watch live on or on TwitterFacebookYouTube, or LinkedIn

    • Salary: varies based on position and grade level
    • Experience: varies based on position
    • Location: varies based on position

    Thank you for sharing this news as we roll out the Clean Energy Corps!  

  • January 19, 2022 09:30 | Thong Vu (Administrator)

    Research Physical Scientist
    Series/Grade: GS-1301-12
    Research Biologist/ Research Microbiologist/ Research Nutritionist
    Series/Grade: GS-0630/0403/0401-12/13
    Series/Grade:  GS-0440-11
    Financial & Budget Technician
    Series/Grade:  GS-0503-05/06
    Research Biologist/Plant Pathologist/Microbiologist
    Series/Grade:  GS-0434/0403/0401-12/13
    Maintenance Worker
    Series/Grade:  WG-4749-08
    Research Microbiologist/Veterinary Medical Officer
    Series/Grade:  GS-0701/0403-12/13
    Management Analyst
    Series/Grade:  GS-0343-07/09
    Program Support Assistant (OA)
    Series/Grade:  GS-0303-06/07
    Utility System Repairer Operator (USRO)
    Series/Grade:  WG-4742-10
    Location Negotiable After Selection, United States
    Supervisory Technical Information Specialist
    Series/Grade:  GS-1412-15
    Supervisory Technical Information Specialist
    Series/Grade:  GS-1412-15
    Budget Analyst
    Series/Grade:  GS-0560-09
    Utility Systems Repairer Operator 
    Series/Grade:  WG-4742-07
    Librarian(Biological Sciences)
    Series/Grade:  GS-1410-12
    Supervisory Librarian
    Series/Grade:  GS-1410-15
    Supervisory Librarian
    Series/Grade:  GS-1410-15
    Program Support Assistant (OA)
    Series/Grade:  GS-0303-06/07
    Biological Science Technician
    Series/Grade:  GS-0404-08/09
    Hydrologist (Computational Hydrological Informatics)
    Series/Grade:  GS-1315-09/11
    Agricultural Science Research Technician 
    Series/Grade: GS-0404-05/06
    New Mexico
    Office Automation Assistant
    Series/Grade:  GS-0326-05
    North Dakota
    Research Plant Physiologist (Research Associate)
    Series/Grade:  GS-0435-11
    Director Regional Climate Hub/Sub Hub
    Series/Grade:  GS-1301/0401-14/15
    Range Technician
    Series/Grade:  GS-0455-05/09
    Range Technician
    Series/Grade:  GS-0455-05/09
    Research Biologist (Computational)/Agronomist/Agricultural Engineer (Computational)
    Series/Grade:  GS-0890/0471/0401-12/13
    Supervisory Research Biologist / Research Chemist / Research Nutritionist
    Series/Grade:  GS-1320/0630/0401-14/15
    Research Ecologist (Insects)
    Series/Grade:  GS-0408-12/13
    Management Analyst
    Series/Grade:  GS-0343-09
    Biological Science Technician
    Series/Grade:  GS-0404-07/08
    Research Microbiologist/Animal Scientist
    Series/Grade:  GS-0487/0403-12/13/14/15
    Financial & Budget Technician
    Series/Grade:  GS-0503-05/06
    West Virginia
    Research Geneticist (Animals)/Molecular Biologist/Physiologist (Animals)
    Series/Grade:  GS-0440/0413/0401-12/13
    Program Support Assistant (OA)
    Series/Grade:  GS-0303-06/07

  • January 19, 2022 09:00 | Thong Vu (Administrator)

    Vacancy: Foreign Service Regional Medical Officer
    Vacancy Number: RMO-2022-0001
    Opening Period: 01/19/2022 - 02/08/2022
    Pay Plan/Salary: FP,01, $(USD) $153,767 - (USD) $176,300!execute.hms?orgId=1&jnum=109877

    Vacancy: Procurement Analyst
    Vacancy Number: DS-2022-0072
    Opening Period: 01/18/2022 - 01/25/2022
    Pay Plan/Salary: GS,13, $(USD) $106,823 - (USD) $138,868!execute.hms?orgId=6&jnum=109693

    Vacancy: Passport Specialist
    Vacancy Number: CA-2022-0075
    Opening Period: 01/18/2022 - 01/25/2022
    Pay Plan/Salary: GS,11, $(USD) $66,214 - (USD) $97,430!execute.hms?orgId=6&jnum=109937

    Vacancy: Equal Employment Specialist
    Vacancy Number: S/ES-2022-0020
    Opening Period: 01/18/2022 - 01/25/2022
    Pay Plan/Salary: GS,09/11, $(USD) $61,947 - (USD) $97,430!execute.hms?orgId=6&jnum=109750

  • January 18, 2022 15:00 | Thong Vu (Administrator)
    • The status candidates announcement can be found here; the non-status candidates announcement can be found here
    • Open & closing dates 01/14/2022 to 01/28/2022
    • Salary $106,823 - $138,868 per year
    • Pay scale & grade GS 13
    • Location Washington, DC
  • January 18, 2022 15:00 | Thong Vu (Administrator)
    • Interested applicants must apply online at USAJOBS:     
    • Open and Close Dates: 01/04/2022 to 03/04/2022
    • Salary: $135,468 - $203,700 per year

  • January 18, 2022 12:00 | Thong Vu (Administrator)

  • January 18, 2022 11:56 | Thong Vu (Administrator)
    • Senior Executive Service Vacancy, Southeast Regional Director.  National Park Service
    • Click here to view the announcement and instructions on how to apply:  USAJOBS - Job Announcement
    • Open & closing dates 01/18/2022 to 02/17/2022
    • Salary $170,739-203,700 per year
    • Location:  Atlanta, GA

  • January 18, 2022 11:00 | Thong Vu (Administrator)

    Vacancy: Physical Security Specialist
    Vacancy Number: DS-2022-0095
    Opening Period: 01/18/2022 - 01/31/2022
    Pay Plan/Salary: GS,14, $(USD) $126,233 - (USD) $164,102!execute.hms?orgId=6&jnum=109896

    Vacancy: Supervisory Budget Analyst
    Vacancy Number: OIG-2022-0004
    Opening Period: 01/18/2022 - 01/31/2022
    Pay Plan/Salary: GS,14, $(USD) $126,233 - (USD) $164,102!execute.hms?orgId=6&jnum=109862

    Vacancy: Education Program Coordinator
    Vacancy Number: DFAS/FSI-2022-0020
    Opening Period: 01/18/2022 - 01/31/2022
    Pay Plan/Salary: GS,13, $(USD) $106,823 - (USD) $138,868!execute.hms?orgId=6&jnum=109914

    Vacancy: Foreign Affairs Officer
    Vacancy Number: HRSC/ICTAP-2022-0035
    Opening Period: 01/18/2022 - 01/24/2022
    Pay Plan/Salary: GS,09, $(USD) $61,947 - (USD) $80,532!execute.hms?orgId=6&jnum=109871

  • January 18, 2022 11:00 | Thong Vu (Administrator)
    • Internal Announcements:   View All Opportunities (Open to current Federal employees, Schedule A eligible, Veterans, etc.)

  • January 18, 2022 10:30 | Thong Vu (Administrator)
    • Analyst in Energy Policy
    • Open and Close Dates: 12/20/2021 to 02/1/2022
    • Salary: $103,690 - $134,798 per year
    • Interested applicants must apply online at  USAJOBS
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